Our Zonal Programs


We had several kinds of programs in the course of this reporting year, designed to achieve a wide spectrum of goals and objectives all geared towards our commission to win, build and send.

These programs include:

  1. Workers Convention – which Sunday, 17th February, an intensive Training Convention for all workers in the house.
  2. Online Prayer and Communion Service – was both an in- reach and outreach which held in the month of February and recorded over 20,000 participants comprising the brethren, their families and neighbours
  3. Zonal Cell Leaders Conference – Held from the 1st to 3rd March, with a cumulative attendance of over 2,000 Leaders
  4. Easter Special Program Series comprised 3 special Easter Programs which held during the Easter Holidays
    1. Real Values – Exclusively for Singles held on Saturday, 20th April
    2. Couples Classic held on Monday, 22nd April
    3. The Saviour Movie was shown on Friday 19th – Sunday, 21st April
  5. Illumination by the Word, was a 4 – day Word Convention with Pastor Joy which held from Wednesday, 1st May to Saturday, 4th May
  6. Bible Study Class Teachers’ Conference held on Sunday, 26th May, with 500 new Cell Officials trained, imparted and commissioned into the Cell System
  7. Zonal Praise Reports – Held monthly and were designed to recognize and celebrate Soul Winners, Bible Study Class Teachers, Cell Leaders and Pastors who had distinguished themselves in different areas in the Cell Ministry work.

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