Praise God forever! Good day, Esteemed Pastor Joy Ma. I have an amazing testimony from the last held day of bliss.
Almost 7 years ago, after I got married, I started experiencing what appeared as an infection so I went to the hospital only for them to run several tests and said I was OK and that was also where I learned I was pregnant with my child but still, this infection continued.
After I birthed my child I went back to another hospital, with the same complaint. They ran tests, and when the result came out, they said they saw nothing and placed me on medication as per my symptoms yet same situation, no change. I went to another hospital and another, all well-known and well-established hospitals. The total number of times I went to the hospital for this same problem was 5 times, 4 different hospitals, several tests, and several medications all to no avail.
Then came the day of bliss program. My church hooked up live and as I watched you  Pastor you prophesied and said the infection is gone. Oh Jesus! I affirmed amen but Pastor, I still can’t believe this, it is truly GONE!!!
From that day till today, no infection anymore Pastor. Another amazing thing, I had a big skin tag/keloid at the spot where I was stitched after having my child. That thing has been hanging there for years. A few days after the day of bliss, it fell off!!!.
Pastor, I am so full of joy, to experience God’s healing in such a remarkable way. It’s a miracle! THANK YOU SO MUCH PASTOR MA FOR BRINGING HEALING TO ME, I LOVE You dearly.

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