OUR OUTREACH FELLOWSHIPS have sprung up everywhere. We currently have 13 Lunch hour Fellowships holding across the zone, creating more opportunities to fellowship as a church in the course of each week.

We have organized a total of 2,000 outreaches, resulting in 118,886 souls saved and 42,848 souls won.


  1. milifady says:

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    Category:Online media playersLots of the educators on my blog have been using the Book Designer app with Resolume, and I’ve been experimenting with Book Designer and then Transliterate.

    Book Designer makes use of Actions, which are small programs that perform a particular tasks or operations within the book.

    Actions are stored in the Resolume library, which can be accessed from within Book Designer. To insert an action into a book

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  2. elmgio says:

    ■ text lines with typographic hyphenations and international languages like German, French, Russian and others, if the digit ents in the line are not being converted, will be converted to ­ ents. If you need to have e.g. 11-14 characters per line convert the digit ents to spaces in the source using ScroogeXHTML’s “Preceding space or bullet” option before converting the ents to

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  3. udolray says:

    Those who have been previously using Skype on Windows 10 should find no reason to go with the old app but other users will especially want to share their thoughts on the app. Now that it has been demoed and tested enough, they should know when it comes to any problem, not least to virtual friends.The objective of this study is to provide a reference range of maturation of fetal bone and soft tissue of the head and neck by real-time sonography as an aid to diagnosis and

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  4. finrat says:

    Wi-MAN 1.2
    Wi-MAN is an open-source application, developed by LanVision, it runs on the Linux operating system. LanVision released its application in the form of an RPM package, which is not compatible with Windows and Mac OS and is only suitable for Linux operating systems as the software is based on the fact it is written on the Linux platform.
    The most important thing you have to know about this application is the fact that is compiled with the Nano Text Editor

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  5. lolvasy says:

    With nice interface, search bar, shortcut buttons, and a convenient process of adding and updating tasks, the application offers something that’s worth using.
    TaskWrapper required and packed with a lot of useful tools 
    TaskWrapper doesn’t come along with any pre-installed presets, or categories, to work with more conveniently. However, the added feature of having suggested lists, enabled by default, makes it easier to come across tasks, or modules, that are not yours, but have a 05e1106874 lolvasy

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