We have pioneered in the period:

  • 7 Churches
  • 225 Outreaches and
  • 410 Cells

From the newly pioneered churches we already have testimonies of Vision 400 compliant churches, among which include:

  • Christ Embassy CC1 D Line which was pioneered on the 31st of July 2017 with 32 members and has grown to 355 members with an average attendance of 192 for church services
  • Christ Embassy Moscow Church; pioneered 17th September 2017 with a membership strength of 21 has grown to 455 members with an average attendance of 152
  • Central Church 3 Church grew from 280 to 360, pioneering 2 new churches, Christ Embassy Eneka and Christ Embassy Elijiji
  • The Zonal Church which held its very first service in December 2017 with just 336 people in number, now has an average attendance of 1,670 membership

Just to mention a few.

55 thoughts on “7 CHURCHES, 225 OUTREACHES & 410 CELLS PIONEERED!

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